Question: Who Is The Greatest Guitarist Of All Time?

Who is the greatest acoustic guitarist of all time?

nd now, without further ado, announces the Top 10 Acoustic Guitarists of All Time.Django Reinhardt.Chet Atkins.

Michael Hedges.

Robert Johnson.

Tommy Emmanuel.

Adrian Legg.

John Fahey.

Bert Jansch.

More items…•.

Who is the most skilled guitarist?

Jimi Hendrix1) Jimi Hendrix: Jimi Hendrix is the most skilled and innovative guitar player of all time, and it’s not particularly close.

What is the best guitar solo ever?

50 greatest guitar solos of all time8 Chuck Berry – ‘Johnny B. … 7 Radiohead – ‘The Bends’ … 6 Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ … 5 Muse – ‘Knights Of Cydonia’ … 4 Rage Against The Machine – ‘Killing In The Name’ … 3 Jimi Hendrix – ‘All Along The Watchtower’ … 2 Led Zeppelin – ‘Stairway To Heaven’ … 1 Guns N’ Roses – ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’More items…•

What is the hardest guitar solo ever?

The 10 most difficult guitar solos to playGuthrie Govan – Fives. “It took me 3 weeks to play it and every time I saw Guthrie playing the solo I took it as a massive inspiration.Polyphia – Aviator (feat. … Intervals – Libra. … Megadeth – Tornado of Souls. … Plini – Electric Sunrise. … Unprocessed – Prototype. … Born of Osiris – Follow the Signs. … Pantera – Domination. … More items…•

What is the most difficult guitar song to play?

Top 5 Most Difficult Guitar SongsJoe Satriani – The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing.John Petrucci – Damage Control.Steve Vai – Juice.Eddie Van Halen – Eruption.Animals as Leaders – CAFO.

Who is the best classical guitarist?

20 great classical guitaristsGiovanni Paolo Foscarini (c. 1600-1647) … Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710) … Robert de Visée (c. … Antoine de Lhoyer (1768–1852) … Ferdinando Carulli (1770–1841) … Fernando Sor (1778-1839) … Mauro Giuliani (1781–1829) … Matteo Carcassi (1792–1853)More items…

Who invented fingerstyle guitar?

John FaheyIt originated with John Fahey, whose recordings from the late 1950s to the mid 1960s inspired many guitarists such as Leo Kottke, who made his debut recording of 6- and 12-String Guitar on Fahey’s Takoma label in 1969.

Who is World No 1 guitarist?

Best guitarists of all time (meta list with rank scores)GuitaristTotal score1Jimi Hendrix992Jimmy Page723Eric Clapton624Eddie Van Halen5129 more rows•Feb 13, 2019

What is the most famous guitar riff?

10 Instantly Recognizable Rock Riffs”Sunshine of Your Love” (Cream, 1967) … “Purple Haze” (Jimi Hendrix, 1967) … “Iron Man” (Black Sabbath, 1970) … “Smoke on the Water” (Deep Purple, 1972) … “Walk This Way” (Aerosmith, 1975)

Who is the best fingerstyle guitarist?

5 of Today’s Best Fingerstyle GuitaristsAntoine Dufour.Tommy Emmanuel.Sungha Jung.Sergio Altamura.Don Ross.

Who is the top 10 guitarist of all time?

Table Of ContentsJimi Hendrix.Jimmy Page.Eddie Van Halen.Slash.Eric Clapton.Stevie Ray Vaughan.David Gilmour.Angus Young.More items…•