What Interval Is F To G Sharp?

What interval is F to G flat?

G-flat 7th interval pitches Having established that the major 7th interval of the Gb major scale is note F, this step will explore the other 7th intervals next this note..

What interval is A to F sharp?

3rd intervals above note F-sharpShortMediumIntervals ‘above’ statementd3dim3The F# to Ab interval is diminished 3rdm3min3The F# to A interval is minor 3rdM3maj3The F# to A# interval is major 3rdA3aug3The F# to A## interval is augmented 3rd

What is the interval between A and F?

sixthThe interval between A and F is a sixth. Note that, at this stage, key signature, clef, and accidentals do not matter at all. The simple intervals are one octave or smaller. If you like you can listen to each interval as written in Figure 4.34: prime, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, octave.

What interval is A to G?

2nd intervals above note GShortMediumIntervals ‘above’ statementd2dim2The G to Abb interval is diminished 2ndm2min2The G to Ab interval is minor 2ndM2maj2The G to A interval is major 2ndA2aug2The G to A# interval is augmented 2nd

What interval is D to C sharp?

Augmented intervals Examples: C to D sharp is an augmented 2nd (N.B. but if the D sharp is called E flat it is a minor 3rd) C to G flat is a diminished 5th. C to B double flat (the same note as A) is a diminished 7th.

What interval is E to C sharp?

thirdWith any note It’s the same process, but before counting, take out the alterations, that is to say sharps (♯) and flats (♭). We are not changing the notes! It is just a formal process. So now you say “C,D,E” : you said three notes, so the interval between C♯ and E is a third.

What interval is B to G sharp?

The Solution below shows the 3rd note intervals above note G#, and their inversions on the piano, treble clef and bass clef….3rd intervals below note G-sharp.ShortMediumIntervals ‘below’ statementd3dim3The diminished 3rd interval below Bb is G#m3min3The minor 3rd interval below B is G#2 more rows

What interval is C# to F?

Having established that the perfect 4th interval of the C# major scale is note F#, this step will explore the other 4th intervals next this note.

What interval is B to F?

B to F is also a diminished fifth (since B to F# is a perfect fifth). Minor intervals can also be diminished by subtracting a half step. Minor intervals can also be diminished by subtracting a semitone. Recall that C to B is a major seventh (11 half steps) and C to Bb is a minor seventh (10 half steps).