Quick Answer: What Does Capstan Mean?

What is a Spurling pipe?

: a pipe or tube through which an anchor chain passes to the chain locker below the deck of a ship..

What does winch mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : any of various machines or instruments for hauling or pulling especially : a powerful machine with one or more drums on which to coil a rope, cable, or chain for hauling or hoisting : windlass. 2 : a crank with a handle for giving motion to a machine (such as a grindstone)

Why does my cassette tape sound slow?

Two things are likely. One, the tape has stretched over time. There isn’t anything you can do about that. Two, there’s too much tension.

What does a capstan do?

Capstan, mechanical device used chiefly on board ships or in shipyards for moving heavy weights by means of ropes, cables, or chains. Capstans also have been used in railroad yards for spotting (positioning) freight cars.

What is the difference between windlass and winch?

The difference between a winch and a windlass is that the line wraps around and around the cylindrical portion of a winch; whereas the line goes into the forward end of the windlass, passes around the gypsy (cylinder/drum/pulley) and exits out the back (or bottom) of the windlass housing.

What is a mooring winch?

A winch with a drum which is used for hauling in or letting the mooring wires go. A warp end is also fitted to assists in moving the ship.

What is the windlass gypsy also called?

The wheels on either a vertical or horizontal windlass provide for either chain or line to be engaged. The wheel for line is termed a warping head, while the chain handling wheel is variously referred to as the gypsy (in the UK) or wildcat (in North America).

How do you wash capstan?

That looks like the capstan itself has some rust, but it is mostly outside the tape path. Try using a chunk of mister clean magic eraser, with alcohol, then acetone in a Q-tip. You can use the acetone in the magic eraser, but if you squeeze any excess onto plastic parts, it will melt, so be careful.

What is the difference between capstan and windlass?

is that windlass is any of various forms of winch, in which a rope or cable is wound around a cylinder, used for lifting heavy weights while capstan is (nautical) a vertical cleated drum or cylinder, revolving on an upright spindle, and surmounted by a drumhead with sockets for bars or levers it is much used, …

What does windlass mean?

The windlass /ˈwɪndləs/ is an apparatus for moving heavy weights. Typically, a windlass consists of a horizontal cylinder (barrel), which is rotated by the turn of a crank or belt. A winch is affixed to one or both ends, and a cable or rope is wound around the winch, pulling a weight attached to the opposite end.

How do capstan winches work?

Capstan winch is a rotating machine fitted with a bollard developed for use when moving heavy weights to multiply the pulling force. … These types of winches are powered manually, electrically, or hydraulically. It powers the crankshaft if they do have an engine.

What is a capstan on tape recorder?

The capstan is a rotating spindle used to move recording tape through the mechanism of a tape recorder. The tape is threaded between the capstan and one or more rubber-covered wheels, called pinch rollers, which press against the capstan, thus providing friction necessary for the capstan to pull the tape.

What is the bitter end on a ship?

The inboard end of a ship anchoring cable which is secured in the chain locker by the clench pin.

How do you clean a capstan roller?

So, the textbook answer is use denatured alcohol on the heads and capstan shaft, use rubber roller cleaner on the pinch roller. My experience has been rubbing alcohol works just fine if you follow up with a dry cleaning after the rubbing alcohol.