Question: How Do You Use The Word Cadence?

How do you use Cadence in business?

‘Cadence’, in business-speak, is how often a regularly scheduled thing happens.

Cadence, in business-speak, is how often a regularly scheduled thing happens.

Nancy Friedman, writing at, speculates that the usage may have gotten its start at IBM..

What is monthly cadence?

Originally, the term cadence meant the rate at which a regular event recurs, possibly with variations, but with an overall cycle that repeats. For example, the cadence for team meetings might be “Every Monday, with a longer meeting on the last meeting of each month.”

What is the difference between rhythm and cadence?

As nouns the difference between cadence and rhythm is that cadence is the act or state of declining or sinking while rhythm is the variation of strong and weak elements (such as duration, accent) of sounds, notably in speech or music, over time; a beat or meter.

What is rhythm in creative writing?

In writing, rhythm is defined by punctuation and the stress patterns of words in a sentence. Long sentences sound smoother, while short sentences make your content snappier. When each sentence follows the same structure and rhythm, your writing becomes boring.

What is another word for roam?

Some common synonyms of roam are meander, ramble, rove, traipse, and wander. While all these words mean “to go about from place to place usually without a plan or definite purpose,” roam suggests wandering about freely and often far afield.

What is rhythm in writing?

Rhythm is the pattern of stresses within a line of verse. All spoken word has a rhythm formed by stressed and unstressed Syllables. When you write words in a sentence you will notice patterns forming.

What is an example of Cadence?

The definition of cadence is the rhythm, modulation and pitch of a sound or the rhythmic beat of movement. An example of cadence is a soothing tone of voice that a mother uses when reading stories to a small child. A falling inflection of the voice, as at the end of a sentence.

What is cadence used for?

About Us. Cadence® custom, analog, and RF design solutions can help you save time by automating many routine tasks, from block-level and mixed-signal simulation to routing and library characterization.

What is normal walking cadence?

Cadence is the rate at which a person walk, expressed in steps per minute. The average cadence is 100 – 115 steps/min. Thus, if you let your character take 10 steps in 156 to 180 frames (using 30 frames/sec), the character’s cadence is within a normal range. Recurring pelvic movements.

What does cadence mean in rap?

If you are unaware of what cadence is it basically means “rhythmic flow of a sequence of sounds or words”. Basically cadence has to do with your style & flow of how you are delivering your rhymes to the tempo of the beat.

What part of speech is Cadence?

cadencepart of speech:nounpart of speech:transitive verbinflections:cadences, cadencing, cadenceddefinition:to give a rhythm to. He carefully cadences his speeches. similar words: flow, measure, pace, swingderivations:cadential (adj.), cadency (n.)5 more rows

How do you use Cadence in a sentence?

Cadence in a Sentence 🔉We were happy when our fast-talking professor started to speak in a slow cadence we could understand. … When my son gets excited, he speaks in a rapid cadence. … As Jill listened to the rain’s cadence on her roof, she lost herself in romantic daydreams.More items…

What is the correct meaning of cadence?

1 a : a rhythmic sequence or flow of sounds in language b : the beat, time, or measure of rhythmical motion or activity 2 a : a falling inflection of the voice b : a musical chord sequence moving to a harmonic close or rest 3 : the modulated and rhythmic recurrence of a sound especially in nature.

What is Cadence in writing?

In writing, “cadence” is the timing or flow of sentences. As Writing Explained says, “Cadence is created when reading the balanced words and phrases in free verse and prose. Writers choose their words carefully, and by choosing certain words, certain rhythms are created through one’s prose.”

What is another word for Cadence?

SYNONYMS FOR cadence ON THESAURUS.COM 3 tempo, pulse, rhythm, meter.

What is Cadence in project management?

Cadence in Agile project management is about the duration of a Sprint, iteration or PI. … Cadence is how long a Sprint, an iteration or a Program Increment lasts. Example: Without cadence, the first sprint in SoftwarePlant could theoretically last a week, the next sprint – two weeks, and the third – two and a half weeks.

What is an antonym for Cadence?

noun. ( Synonyms. musical passage passage amen cadence plagal cadence. Antonyms. criticize ride subtract head lose.

What is another word for intonation?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for intonation, like: inflection, pitch pattern, tone, accent, sound, tone-of-voice, sounds, chanting, modulation, pitch contour and phrasing.