Quick Answer: What Word Can Go Before Party?

What is slang for dancing?

boogie – boogy – break – bust a groove – bust a move – crunk – cut a rug – dance up on – footwork – freak – get (one’s) groove on – get (one’s) swerve on – ghost ride the whip – gig – groove – head-bang – juke – mosh – pogo – skank – slam dance..

What is a 3 letter word?

Three Letter Wordsaah.aal.aas.aba.abs.aby.ace.act.More items…

What words can you spell with event?

Event4 letter Words made out of event. 1). vent 2). even 3). teen 4). neve.3 letter Words made out of event. 1). vee 3). tee 5). nee 7). eve.2 letter Words made out of event. 1).

What words can you make with the letters Aelry?

Unscrambled words using the letters aelry2 letter words you can make with aelry. ae.3 letter words you can make with aelry. ale. aye. lay. ley. lye. ray. rya. yar. yea. yer.4 letter words you can make with aelry. aery. aryl. earl. eyra. lear. lyre. rale. real. rely. yare. year.5 letter words you can make with aelry. early. layer. leary. relay.

What is slang for alcohol?

What Are Common Terms for Alcohol? Alcohol slang terms include juice, sauce, hooch, vino, and liquid courage. Risk factors for alcoholism include genetics, underage drinking, expectations, and motivations for drinking.

What words can be made from party?

Words that can be made with partyarty.part.paty.prat.pray.rapt.tarp.trap.More items…

What words go with up?

5-letter words that end in upgroup.setup.syrup.pinup.croup.letup.cutup.sunup.More items…

What is a drinking party called?

festasay soda). There are basically two ways to call a party where people drink. The most used term is just “festa”.

What do you say when drinking?

Don’t Be a Word Bore: Alternative Ways to Say ‘Drink’Quench your thirst. there’s nothing more satisfying than a thirst-quenching drink. … Down. if you down a drink you must be very thirsty indeed. … Sip. quite the opposite of down, if you sip a drink you take very small mouthfuls of it and drink it slowly. … Gulp. … Chug. … Swig.

What is a fancy word for party?

In this page you can discover 98 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for party, like: celebration, soiree, bevy, bacchanal, salon, array, dance, do, coterie, company and bunch.

How many words can you make out of cough?

We found a total of 10 words by unscrambling the letters in cough.

What does Pregaming mean sexually?

Pregaming (also known as pre-drinking or pre-loading) is the process of getting drunk prior to going out socializing, typically done by college students and young adults in a manner as cost-efficient as possible, with hard liquor and cheap beer consumed while in group.