Question: Is Judd Trump Left Handed?

How rich is Jimmy White?

Jimmy White net worth: Jimmy White is an English professional snooker player who has a net worth of $9 million.

Jimmy White was born in Tooting, England in May 1962.

He is nicknamed “The Whirlwind” as well as the “People’s Champion”..

Did Jimmy White have cancer?

Six-time World Championship finalist Jimmy White “hopes to God” that Ali Carter is able to beat the same cancer which he overcame nearly 20 years ago. … White was diagnosed in 1995 after feeling a lump and had to have a testicle removed in what he describes as “a quick and painless process”.

Is Jimmy White left handed?

James Warren White, MBE (born 2 May 1962) is an English professional snooker player who now competes with an invitational tour card. … White was also the first left-handed player, and the second player overall, to record a maximum break at the World Championship.

Is Neil Robertson left handed?

Neil Robertson (born 11 February 1982) is an Australian professional snooker player. … Robertson is the most successful player from outside the United Kingdom in the sport’s history. He plays left-handed.

How many snooker players are left handed?

Only 10% of the population is estimated to be left-handed, but there are more left-handed players than that. Just in the top 16 you’ve got Judd Trump, Mark Williams, Mark Allen, Barry Hawkins, and Neil Robertson.

Why did Stephen Hendry retire from snooker?

O’Sullivan criticised the standard of play from snooker’s younger generation, insisting that a lack of quality has proved the main reason for his enduring winning abilities. O’Sullivan’s age-defying exploits could easily have swayed Hendry’s decision to step out of retirement now.

Is Judd Trump still in the world championship?

A former world champion and the current world number one, he has won a career total of 20 ranking titles. He is one of 11 players to have won a career Triple Crown. Trump turned professional in 2005, aged 16….Judd Trump.Tournament winsRanking20Minor-ranking4Non-ranking6World Champion201910 more rows

What age is Judd Trump?

31 years (August 20, 1989)Judd Trump/AgeJudd Trump has risen to become one of the best snooker players in the world. The 31-year-old is the current world No 1 and recently won his 18th ranking title by adding the English Open to his collection.

Has Judd Trump got a partner?

Quick FactsDate of BirthAugust 20, 1989Marital StatusSingleDivorcedNot YetGirlfriend/DatingKhadijah Misr (2018-)Gay/LesbianNo12 more rows

What nationality is Judd Trump?

EnglishJudd Trump/Nationality

What is Judd short for?

Medieval short form of Jordan.

Is Judd Trump right handed?

Judd Trump Quotes I do everything right-handed – football, tennis, darts and golf – except for snooker.

Who is the richest snooker player?

World’s Richest Snooker PlayersSteve Davis: A Player Lucky As A Lottery Winner. Net Worth: $33.7 million. … Stephen Hendry. Net Worth: $32.4 million. … Dennis Tyler. Net Worth: $23.3 million. … Jimmy White. Net Worth: $19.4 million. … Cliff Thorburn. Net Worth: $15.5 million. … Ronnie O’Sullivan. Net Worth: $14.2 million. … John Parrott. Net Worth: $11.6 million.

What height is Judd Trump?

1.8 mJudd Trump/Height

How much is Neil Robertson The snooker player worth?

His overall wealth is estimated to be in the region of £7.4m ($10m), according to Idol Net Worth. Back in 2017, Robertson opened up on prize money in snooker and how little some players on the tour actually earn.